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Meet my Team

Sandi's Beauty.

Gintare V


29 May 2020

Congratulations! Gintare has choosen to start her journey with Mary Kay at the end of May.

There's a bunch of training and online information adding to the support and help from all of us.

Welcome :)

Matilda A

Active 1

22 Apr 2020

Matilda joined us in April and has already achieve her Power Start.

She is on track to achieve a Star Consultant level this quarter.

Well done!

Sandra A

Active 2

14 Dec 2016

Sandra has been building her business since December 2016

She lives in East London

Cheryl B

Active 3

26 Jun 2010

Cheryl has been a part of my team since June 2010.

She lives in East London

Linda P

Active 2

22 Feb 2010

Linda has been working her Mary Kay business since February 2010.

She lives in Mitcham near London and she's married with children.

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